Introduce Yourself!

Thank you and looking forward :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

I’m Suresh, working as It consultant,
I love doing with IT tools and new technologies.

Always learning…

Hey Suresh! Welcome, we love people are invested in learning. Do you have any specialty areas or areas you are looking to learn more about? @sureshsingh

I am Suresh, It Admin and I love travelling, doing adventures.

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I’m exciting to learn Indeni, its handy and its GUI interface is nice.
about me I’m network admin and currently learning automation.


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Happy to have you here, Tarun!

Hi Everyone,

I’m Mark, we’ve just recently finished a PoC with Indeni and are now in the implementation stage with Indeni going into our production environment.

I’m a Senior Network Engineer working with Cisco and CheckPoint infrastructure.

Away from work I love motorsport and race locally when I can I’m also a huge Manchester City supporter and season ticket holder watching them home and away.

Anything else ask away.




My name is Molin and yes, I am from India. I currently reside in Singapore and am pursuing my degree course in Business & Marketing. I’ve had 3 years of relevant experience, topped up by 3 and a half years working at a restaurant and a couple of years in catering. I love to be challenged and explore new tasks. I absolutely love the idea of working on new projects and thinking of creative and efficient ways to deal with them. I’ve been very dedicated to my work whenever I’ve had new opportunities, working 12-14 hours shifts for a small period to achieve them. I’m big into football and love cooking. I also love to explore new cities and countries and try local food. I believe that a great team of inexperienced staff can do a better job than one extremely experienced employee. There’s always another perspective to deal with every situation and no one is wrong in providing new ideas, doesn’t matter how much knowledge they have about the subject.

I hope to get to know you all really well.

See you soon.

Molin Sheth

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Btw, I absolutely love dogs. I wish to adopt one when I move to a new place with a more stable job.

Hi! I’m Hariprasath. I like to build solutions to address the customer issues. And, my favorite pet is dog.

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Hello, this is Sowmiya. I help in integrating the systems and perform CI/CD tasks. Apart, I like networking and play around it everytime. My favorite pet is cat.

Hi, I am Rahul, working as Network Engineer,
I love doing engineering with network and now days learning Automation.
Aslo i like listen music.

I like doing engineering with new tech tools.

I like whenever i done something.
rest of time i use my spare time to listed music.

Hi I am Tarun , i love doing new things, and i like pets.

Hi I am Mahesh, currently I always open my interests in IT ,
professional interest doing system engineering.

My name is Anthony. As a student, I am interested in learning about how a tech company runs and gaining work experience. My favorite animal is fish. They are good to watch in an aquarium, and I like to eat fish a few times a week. For fun, I like to walk around the Embarcadero and downtown in my free time.

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Hi @ant! Thank you for coming to our community - it’s a pleasure to see you here. Where are you studying right now? What is your major?


I’m Christopher Hedman, live in Stockholm, Sweden with my cat Sture :smile:
I’m mostly active in SysAdm communities, but last few years been all about PowerShell and scripting in general.

Spare time:

Scripting things I can’t convince my boss is “Work related” :slight_smile:

Favorite animal

Obviously Cats

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Welcome @ChrilleH! Glad to see you in the Indeni community. If scripting is your hobby, take a look at our Knowledge Scripts.

We developed a language specifically for automating network security infrastructure.

You can dig deep, leave feedback, and if you like, even apply to help develop our scripts as an Indeni Knowledge Expert

Let me know if you have any questions!

(And have you played the game Neko Atsune? It’s all about the cats! I love it.)

Hi there. My name is Dimitris and I am live in the Windy City (Chicago) I am an adventurous character I like to travel the world, see new cultures and things. I am optimistic, outgoing and I like scuba diving, horse back riding, and lifting weights. I been in the industry for 15 years most of them focused in security.