Indeni + Public Cloud?

Indeni + Public Cloud?

A lot of customers are telling us that they already have, or in the process of, migrating production workloads to the cloud. Specifically, network and security engineers are discussing spinning up firewalls, load balancers and other devices in the public clouds.

Some have already done so. Some are planning to, but are still in early phases (training or small lab).

From the Indeni use case perspective, we already see customers deploying Indeni locally and connecting into cloud-based devices. We are receiving more and more requests to have Indeni run in the cloud (installed there), for example, as an AMI spun up on AWS EC2.

Here is an update I received from one of our customers today - they use Blue Coat, Check Point, Cisco, F5 and Indeni in two big data centers. They've been talking about moving production workloads to the cloud for two years now, and have been asking about spinning up Indeni in the cloud. Then I got this (I edited it a bit to hide the source, of course):

As far as our core infrastructure, our direction is to manage the cloud from the on-prem systems but not the other way around, i.e. moving Check Point Provider-1 into cloud or any other management tools like Indeni is not possible.

The recent Deloitte breach in the Azure Cloud has triggered a number of questions and we have been asked to step back/slow down strategically before moving critical applications in the cloud. Honestly it is very immature or many light years away that we would move any management devices to the cloud, given the circumstances.

I’m curious to hear other people’s thoughts. It is possible that certain organizations, or verticals, would be more hesitant to place a management system in the cloud while others would be more open to it.

Working for a very large communications company, we are moving everything to the cloud, including management systems. Granted it is our own public cloud, however we can have customer traffic on one compute and then the compute next to it could be handling mission critical business traffic, so security is a major concern. Regarding placing management systems in the cloud, we are even moving the management systems of the cloud, to the cloud. So yes, our organization is very open to placing management systems in the cloud. However, we are a special case because we own and operate the cloud. For others, it is really a matter of trust of the security practices and features of the cloud provider. If the organization does trust the cloud provider, then they can place the management systems in the cloud on a PaaS or SaaS. If the organization does not trust the cloud provider’s security practices and features then they could use IaaS, so they can run and manage their own security.

I have been working for large traditional corporations and the movement to the cloud is just a matter of time. Companies are trying to reduce OPEX & CAPEX in order to be more competitive and public clouds can help with that. Regarding public cloud security, I think their default settings are far more secure that some on-premises DataCenters. Nevertheless, most companies do not understand the Shared Responsibility/Security Model, and that’s where a proper monitoring tools/solution can help filling the gaps.