Indeni Latest stable release issue / new filepath directory for testing scripts?

I have upgraded the Indeni Server to the latest stable Release and after troubleshooting I noticed a difference to the filepath used to test ind scripts and very possible also for scala scripts.

All the time I used one of the next methods to test indeni scripts.

  1. copied the new script to the directory /usr/share/indeni-collector/kb/parsers/xxxx,
    2.update the indeni-knowledge.jar with the new script

I used the aforementioned methods but it didnt work. After investigating logs I noticed that the new filepath for testing is the next:
I tested it and it works.

So the IKE can take this into consideration for testing ind scripts.

Could somebody inform me which directory should be used to test also scala files?
I used the /usr/share/indeni/rules but it seems that it doesnt work. :frowning:

Any help on that? @Joakim_Hedberg


The IND directory move a while ago, @Ulrica_de_Fort-Menar maybe you should report and remind about this change . The rules folder is the same, however, rule dynamic loading isn’t fully supported

Thanks Alon!

I havent upgraded my indeni instance for ~4 months, so this is the reason that I hadnt faced this issue before.

It is very possible that Ulrica had mentioned that and I may skipped it. It would be useful to includ this info to Confluence.

So, the scala folder is the same but dynamic loading not fully supported. Helpful info :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that Vasilis. Here’s more more info about the new path:

That’s a good point. We haven’t really spent much time to document the rules. @jz @Joakim_Hedberg and I have discussed this a couple of times. Especially testing rules. Is that your #1 interest?