Indeni interactive remediation steps / proposal

Indeni interactive remediation steps / proposal

I am attending a training for the new Cisco DNA Center which is used mainly to provide automation, management, analytics and monitoring of a Cisco SD-Access infrastracture. The Cisco DNA Center is one of the primary platforms for the new network era.

One of the cool features that I noticed to the DNA Center is that for any alarm is provided the option to run the relevant command instructed to each remediation step. In particular, the user just needs to select the “Run” button in order to get the output of a command. For instance, the next capture illustrate how easily a user can troubleshoot an issue when an OSPF neighbor is down.

I believe that this option could be very useful to be provided to the Remediation steps of Indeni.
@Ulrica_de_Fort-Menar @Alon_Ashkenazi What do you think?

Nice feature. I do have this on our roadmap upon detection of an issue, execute any additional script and this could be additional commands as per the remediations steps.

What do others think?

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Thanks for sharing this, Vasileios! I think it’s a pretty cool feature, and glad to know that @Ulrica_de_Fort-Menar is already on-point with our roadmap.
IMO, this is the most natural step, since it’s something someone would do next via CLI anyway.