Indeni Insight v2

Indeni Insight v2

Hi everyone and welcome to the Indeni Insight forum.

Indeni Insight is a service we've had for a while, since the Indeni 5.0 days. The concept behind it is simple - an instance of Indeni installed within a customer's environment sends us (Indeni) non-confidential information so that we can improve our service and provide insights back to the network and security community.

We're now rolling out version 2 of this service. It's built on top of the more advanced technologies included in our 6.0 release. One really cool thing about it is that we're now able to share the data with the global community, directly.

That means that we can open the full dataset to the world and give anyone access to it. Yes - we're opening up the full data that we (Indeni) collect from our customers.

For more details about Indeni Insight, go to:
To access the Insight database, use this link: (replace the email "" with the same email you use to log into this community)

NOTE: Access to the Insight database is currently limited to community members with at least 1000 points. Don't have enough points? Flip over to the Challenges page and start collecting them!

Any questions, thoughts or feedback are welcome!