Indeni Expands Global Knowledge Base to Automate Tasks & Reduce Human Error

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Enterprises Adopt Agile Approach to Network & Security Operations

SAN FRANCISCO – May 8th, 2018 – Indeni, provider of the crowd-sourced network automation platform, today announced its Spring Release featuring crowd-sourced knowledge for validating Check Point, Juniper SRX, Cisco Nexus, F5 Networks LTMs, Fortinet, Radware, and Palo Alto Networks devices against best practices. This release further enables customers to automate manual tasks and take steps towards a self-driving network.

As infrastructure moves to the cloud, it has become increasingly difficult for IT professionals to keep up with day-to-day operations. Validation tasks for critical devices are no longer able to be completed in isolation as cross-domain expertise is needed to inspect and analyze devices. Without a way to repeatedly and accurately validate that devices are operating as intended, businesses will continue to risk network outages.

“Every industry is undergoing digital transformation, yet NetOps and SecOps remain by and large a manual process,” said Yoni Leitersdorf, CEO and Founder of Indeni. “Organizations that do not enable task automation will continue to be bogged down fixing issues when their time could have otherwise been spent pushing their business forward. By applying a combination of turn-key automation and crowdsourcing technologies, Indeni enables IT Operations to increase agility and keep their business up and running.”
With the Indeni Spring release Network and Security Professionals can identify issues across a broader set of devices, and view the related automation code from a single user interface. For the user interested in learning how to code, an open code base provides education around the metrics and rule sets used in the programming language. For the user interested in understanding how the scripts work, the open code allows them to more quickly see how the issue was detected alongside suggestions for remediation. With a combined user interface, the Indeni Crowd-Sourced Automation Platform allows developers and non-developers to leverage the latest knowledge from a community of certified IT experts and adopt an agile approach to IT operations.

Indeni Spring Release Highlights

  • Global Knowledge for validating Check Point, Juniper SRX, Cisco Nexus, F5 LTMs, Fortinet, Radware, Palo Alto Networks environments against gold standards
  • Get in, out, and onto other tasks. Redesigned, easy to use new user interface
  • Open code base. New Development Tab gives visibility into rules & metrics used
  • Streamlined Collaboration. Identify devices not being analyzed and organize by labels
  • Benchmark Reports. Compare your devices and Indeni environment to global data set.
What Customers are saying:
“Before Indeni, I was a network engineer constantly troubleshooting and firefighting. After Indeni, I have a gold standard Check Point environment, and I know about things before my boss does. It makes every part of my day so much better.” - Boston Scientific

“Indeni was like hiring an automated robot to log into our systems and pro-actively search for active and upcoming issues. I brought the issues and the solution of Indeni to our CISO and was immediately given the funds to purchase and implement Indeni.” - Scottrade

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