Indeni 6.0 - problem to access via https

Indeni 6.0 - problem to access via https

I upgraded the Indeni server from the 5.9.4 Release to the 6.0 by using the imanage tool.

I was instructed to use the default https (443) port to get access to the new GUI instead of the 8181 port. However, the port 443 is down and can got access to the new GUI. I can access the Indeni server via the 8181 port which has the same GUI as the 5.9.4 release.

What is the problem? How can I access the new GUI offered to the 6.0 Release?

I rebooted the server without success.

Below are provided the details from the indeni server that I use:

Installed indeni packages:


Hi, please try the following URL template:

https://<host-ip or name>/ui (e.g. https://my-indeni/ui)

You missing a packge: indeni-ds. Using imange CLI you can select option 5) Install/Upgrade a single Indeni component

indeni Packages Management

This wizard will guide you through common management operations related to indeni packages.

Please select an option to proceed with:

  1. Display installed Indeni packages
  2. Upgrade all installed Indeni packages
  3. Restart Indeni services
  4. Change Indeni source packages
  5. Install/Upgrade a single Indeni component
  6. Show available Indeni packages in source
  7. Enable/Disable monitoring
  8. Send log

It works! I followed your instructions and I selected the option 5 to manually install the Indeni-DS. Thanks!