imanage and isetup disappeared

imanage and isetup disappeared


Just had a weird thing happened to me. Suddenly I was not able to login to the web interface in my lab. I'm positive that I have not changed the passwords.

Logging in through SSH and testing the indeni commands:

indeni@indeni-server:~$ isetup

No command 'isetup' found, did you mean:

Command 'imsetup' from package 'im' (universe)

isetup: command not found

indeni@indeni-server:~$ imanage

imanage: command not found

Has this happened to anyone else?


The CHKP server at is still working. Have you upgraded your server recently?

I was going to tell you where the imanage file existed, but seems it wasnt that easy

indeni@indeni-server-CHKP:~$ which imanage

indeni@indeni-server-CHKP:~$ sudo find / -name imanage


Finally found it in /home/indeni/.profile

alias imanage='ruby /usr/share/indeni-tools/manage/indeni-manage.rb'
alias isetup='ruby /usr/share/indeni-tools/setup/setup.rb user-request'

Maybe this can explain why the commands are missing for you?