I’m seeing “Device not responding” for a device, what does it mean?


I got an alert with the headline “Device not responding” for one of my Palo Alto Networks devices. The device appears to be up. What could be the issue?


This alert appears if the Indeni Server component hasn’t received any data for a specific device for at least five minutes. Please make sure the device in question is operating well and that the Indeni Collector instance can still access it. A recommended way of troubleshooting would be to:

  1. Log into the Indeni machine using SSH (default username/password combination is indeni / indeni4it )

  2. Test connectivity in the following ways:

    1. Ping:
      ping <device_ip>

    2. SSH:
      ssh <device_ip>

    3. HTTPS:
      curl -k https://<device_ip>

  3. If the connectivity test is successful, please send the Indeni Collector logs to Indeni’s technical support for analysis. These logs are located at:


There will be one active file, and multiple gzipped files for historical data retention, please send all of them.