How to track average per core utilization for each blade within a 61000/41000 chassis

I can use the command asg cores util to collect the per core utilization for each blade, but I want to know what the average was for each of those cores.

Is there a command I can use? I tried asg perf, but no luck there.


When I run asg perf, I get the following output. What's weird is that the load average here indicates CPU load average and not the load average terminology used commonly for linux systems. Am I crazy?

|Performance Summary |
|Name |Value |
|Throughput |3.8 M |
|Packet rate |3.9 K |
|Connection rate |0 |
|Concurrent connections |186 |
|Load average |14% |
|Acceleration load (avg/min/max) |14%/14%/14% |
|Instances load (avg/min/max) |11%/7%/16% |
|Memory usage |53% |

could you guys help a n00b?

Does "top" give you useful information here?

I don't have access to a 61k, but it is listed in the 60000 / 40000 Appliances - Performance Tests Troubleshooting SK as a possibility.

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@Yoni_Leitersdorf what I was referring to today