How to start learn python from scratch for Network Engineer.

Hi Folks,
I think this is a best topic to discuss for every Network Engineer or Administrator.

There are so many things on websites for Network Automation but no one elucidate about this topic.

Kindly share your opinion and resourses which helps to everyone.

Thank You.

Hey Ritesh! Thanks for posting this to the community! We have discussed something similar on these threads:

CCNA or Python:

Learning Python/Scala:

Python for Beginner's:

This is a great resource to start, also, I have worked thorugh the book they suggested after trying other training materials that didn't help me learn very well. I would start there and continue to post on the community. There are some amazing IKE's here that have relevant experience to share.

- You said you would lean towards Python over CCNA, was curious if you had any suggestion/pointers on where a new beginner should start?