How to specify User Exec Mode & Privilege Exec Mode credentials for ASA

How to specify User Exec Mode & Privilege Exec Mode credentials for ASA

seems that the Indeni credentials config does not take into consideration that some deployments utilize User Exec mode credentials, and then Privilege Exec mode credentials. Where User Exec mode does not have full scope of control over the configuration, or even the gamut of show commands, thus requiring entering "enable", to then supply Privilege Exec mode credentials.

This can be changed within the AAA configuration which would then only require the admin to enter one set of credentials, for each mode. However, we do have (1) ASA that is setup for this, but attempting to add the device also resulted in login failure.

I don't recall running into this on a PoC last year this time, so what changed in 6.x?

Anyone able to successfully add ASA devices, and care to elaborate on how you accomplished this?


Hi ! Cisco ASA is in the process of being ported into the system. We released a data sheet to identify what devices are currently ported into 6.0 and what new devices we've added support for. Could you link here?

Of course! You can get the Indeni 6.0 datasheet here:

Hi Jonathan,

i believe is not related to the version

you should be able to set this using a local account with the AAA

username jonathan privilege 15 secret XXXXXXXX

aaa new-model
aaa authentication login default local
aaa authorization console
aaa authorization exec default local if-authenticated

you can even set up any cisco devise to use an active directory account to authenticate

this require active directory and radius to work together , you can control access to cisco devices using group and assign any security level