How to know whether or not a given .ind commit is in a given build?

I feel like this question has been asked, but I can't find an answer, so I'm asking again.

I have a PR that was merged into staging as commit bcbebf9: Merged in IKP-1340-repeated-failed-login-attempts- (pull request #698).

The current build in staging ( is I'd like to spot test my fix in staging. How can I know if my fix is in the build (so that I can test it)?

I wish there was double, or triple likes in the forum, because this question is just so spot on.

Also want to add, that this is a major head ache with the scala rules. The PR is merging the file with the content of the rules directory, but the rule is not automatically included on the indeni server so there's no way of knowing if it's active or not.

I know people has asking for custom builds but I'm not sure if that is scalable?

In the next release we will add file under /usr/share/indeni-knowledge with some information:


The contains indeni.knowledge.revision property with the latest commit that include in the build. you can look for this commit in the repo (

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Looks like this file ended up in: /usr/share/indeni-knowledge/stable/meta

Yay! Now we just need to add this to the UI…

indeni collector:
indeni server:

@Alon_Ashkenazi just want to make sure this file is ‘correct’. E.g., the file on kd lab staging server ( shows:

indeni@indeni-server:~$ cat /usr/share/indeni-knowledge/stable/meta/

The build date looks old, and the commit hash is dated 2018-02-26. Can that be right?

Added this page to the wiki, describing how to find out if your commit is actually on a given indeni server:

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yes, it is correct. Do you find this information useful?

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Thanks Alon. Yes, I find it EXTREMELY useful. Thank you! Use case:

  • I submit a PR which gets merged to staging
  • Sometime later (3 days, 3 weeks, who knows), someone (Ulrica) says: “We have a new build. Please test any changes you made.”
  • System testing is time intensive. I want to test my change, but ONLY if it’s actually in the “new build” – I don’t want to waste time (or be confused by) testing something that isn’t even there. I really need some way to be certain (source of truth) my commit is there before I start testing.

So, using the information in, I can now figure this out (documented here:

It’s still a pretty cumbersome process, but it’s a HUGE improvement. Ultimately, it would be amazing to be able to look at a commit or PR (or Jira ticket!) and see at a glance which build is the first build (i.e., lowest build number)(on a given branch?) it is in.

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