How to change the certificate of the indeni server

How to change the certificate of the indeni server


I have an pet peeve. I just don't like to see certificate warnings if I can avoid them. Is there any guide on how to replace the default certificate with a signed version?

I messed a round a bit with the keystore but must have missed something.


We get a lot of asks for this across customers! - could we consider a post on how to update the node JS server to utilize a user-defined certificate? I'm assuming you can modify by nano of /usr/lib/ssl/openssl.cnf but I have never actually done this with a customer yet.


Indeni's node.js implementation uses a certificate that is kept in a .p12 format with a password.

The certificate is declared in /usr/share/indeni-ds/config.js

config.ssl.keystore = process.env.KEYSTORE || "/usr/share/indeni-ds/indeniserver.p12";

config.ssl.passphrase = process.env.KEYSTORE_PASSPHRASE || "xxxxxxxx";

It's possible to convert other formats to p12 using the openssl command.

from Indeni's Frontend Team is currenlty working on an issue where the config file

is over-written when the indeni-ds servcie is updated. She is also checking the option to

use certificates in format other than p12.

in what format do you generate your certificates?