Help requested for multistep ind script

Help requested for multistep ind script

I am working on a issue where in I need to run 2 commands (multi step) to get the data I want. This is for a PAN firewall and I am using the APIs.

  1. url: /api?type=op&cmd=<show><interface>hardware</interface></show>&key=${credentials.api-key}
    1. I get the interface name, read the dynamic variable "nic" and use it later on in step 2.
    2. I also need to read the speed of that interface "speed", but I don't want to iterate on it.
  2. url: /api?type=op&cmd=<show><counter><rate>${nic}</rate></counter></show>&key=${credentials.api-key}
    1. I use dynamic("nic") to do what I need to get to.
    2. If I use dynamic("speed") it iterates on all the options, which I don't want.

Any thoughts/help on getting to iterate on dynamic variable "nic", but also read the associated speed along with it in the first step?



Hey Satya, sorry you had to wait for so long, we're a little overrun here.

First, let me just point out that you probably don't want to be using the "${credentials.api-key}" variable, but rather the "${api-key}"; the former is only used in the PAN interrogation command which verifies the api-key given by the user.

Now, as for the problem at hand, it is possible to report both metrics and dynamic variables on a single step. Meaning, in this case it is possible to simply report the NIC as a dynamic variable and the speed as a metric -- both on the first step.

I hope this helps :)