Format name for similar ind scripts - best practices

Format name for similar ind scripts - best practices

To monitor a couple of technologies for Fortigates with activated the virtual firewall feature named VDOM, we are going to use two ind files with the same code and the next differences:

Proposed filenames:

1. xxxxx_vdom_enabled.ind

2. xxxxx_vdom_disabled.ind

The differences to the script are the next:

a - Tags (vdom_enabled: true and false)

b - SSH commands

Regarding the name, can I use the same name in different ind files?

For instance the next name "fortigate-diagnose-sys-ntp-status" or it is better to use a different name?

Regarding the name: we can't have more than one IDN script with the same command name (I looked for fortigate-diagnose-sys-ntp-status and couldn't find it)

About the implementation: Why we need two IND scripts? Can't we combine them? (XXXXX_vdom_isEnabled.ind => Tag {vdom_is_enable=true/false)

You could also look at how "vsx" is handled in the check point scripts, as well as vcmp in F5. You'll see the ind naming there.