Favorite Dev Tool?

Favorite Dev Tool?

I've used git in minimal capacity previously. I'm trying to learn git from command line. I'm not a huge fan of Sourcetree. I've always used Sublime for text editing, but the past two weeks I've been using Visual Studio Code from Microsoft and I'm really loving it. I run it on a Mac, don't think of the normal Visual Studio app, think of an editor very similar to Sublime (even their icons are nearly the same now). Similar features, source control built in, easily able to click and pull/push/change branches, etc.

Was curious if anyone else was using it or what your favorite editors/workflow is?

Also check out Visual Studio Code here: https://code.visualstudio.com

@patrik you once told me there was a better editor than sublime, what was it?

Engineering at indeni has been using the IntelliJ IDEA for as far as I can remember.

It supports the whole development process, starting with git through running and debugging the application. InteliliJ has a freeware community version that supports the whole development process.

Usually there is also a 30-day free use of an EAP release of the Ultimate version that can be used to compare it's capabilities to the Community version.

IntelliJ is available here: https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/

I use ATOM as an editor. It is integrated with GitHub as opposed to Bitbucket, so you will not be able to use all the integration features. My only complaint is that there is not a built-in printing ability. I am old-school and have to have a hard copy in my hand to markup.

I too have heard great things about Visual Studio Code. I would say use what works for you. You do you. We have chosen SourceTree in the past because of it's simplicity. Network engineers are typically most familiar with notepad ++, textedit or the like. So SourceTree is an easy "add". I encourage new tool recommendations. Bring it on! I will be checking out Visual Studio Code. I keep hearing about it...so i gotta check it out!