Failed to Communicate

Failed to Communicate

I’ve recently started getting errors on my local Indeni instance.
My devices all get “Failed to Communicate” when I try to add them.

They are all indeni standard devices using the same uname/pw. I haven’t changed the credentials.

I am recently running but I have also tested various development versions.

I asked another IKE and he has run into this problem before but can’t remember the fix. Anyone out there that knows what this is about?

The error output

  • privileged-mode: Command ‘privileged-mode’ failed to execute. Reason: Missing privileged-mode shell configuration for tags:Map(serial -> FGVM04TM19000332, vdom_root -> true, hostname -> FGVM04TM19000332, operation.mode -> NAT, model -> FortiGate-VM64, ssh -> true, https -> true, os.branch -> 1630, vdom_enabled -> false, os.version -> 5.6.6, high-availability -> false, ip-address ->, vendor -> fortinet, -> FortiOS, product -> firewall) panos-test-api-key-credentials: Command ‘panos-test-api-key-credentials’ failed to execute. Reason: Failed to parse operation radware-agSoftwareVersion: Command ‘radware-agSoftwareVersion’ failed to execute. Reason: Operation failed with status: 401 Unauthorized. Body: Error panos-keygen-interrogtion: Command ‘panos-keygen-interrogtion’ failed to execute. Reason: Failed to parse operation snmp-interrogation: Command ‘snmp-interrogation’ failed to execute. Reason: Failed to connect via snmp

Hi @Joakim_Hedberg has anyone been able to help this past week? Looping @Jonathan_Marinaro and @Charles_Kim

The first two steps would be to see if you can establish a connection from the Indeni CLI to the device over SSH and verify that the credentials you’re using to log in work.

After that it might be an issue of the login not having the correct privileges or it not using the correct shell to access (make sure the indeni account is set to BASH).

What kind of devices are you connecting to?

Hi! And thank you.
Sorry about my late reply but this issue has been resolved. It was a matter of updating the knowledge version. Seems to work properly now

Glad it’s working! Here’s a related topic in wiki, for reference.

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