Disk RAID in error state-paloaltonetworks-panos

Disk RAID in error state-paloaltonetworks-panos

Vendor: paloaltonetworks

OS: panos

Indeni will alert if a disk RAID is in an error state.

Remediation Steps:
It is best practice to keep all disks in a RAID set in healthy condition.

How does this work?
This script will check for each RAID array and report the status of each disk in the array.

Why is this important?
It is important that we know when a RAID array may be failing due to disk failures and identify which disk is failed.

Without Indeni how would you find this?
It appears that SNMP polling in combination with syslog is the only way to see what drives are installed and when one has failed.


Failed to fetch the data: https://bitbucket.org/indeni/indeni-knowledge/src/master/parsers/src/panw/panos/show-system-raid/show-system-raid.ind.yaml


Failed to fetch the data: https://bitbucket.org/indeni/indeni-knowledge/src/master/rules/templatebased/crossvendor/CrossVendorRaidStatusRule.scala