Discussion: Which tags to use for virtual systems

Discussion: Which tags to use for virtual systems

Hello everyone!

Today we have a few different tags used for virtual systems.

vsx = Any device that hosts virtual systems is tagged with this

mds = This tag is used specifically for Check Point MDS, which is when you host several virtual management servers on one host.

vdom_enabled: Some fortigate specific tag

vdom_root: Some fortigate specific tag

One issue is that "vsx" tag is more of a product name for a Check Point product, but is today used by multiple vendor script for tagging a device that hosts virtual systems on it.

So for example an Check Point MDS server would have both "mds: true" and "vsx: true"

If one wanted to run only on a Check Point VSX server you would need to set both "vsx: true" and "role-firewall: true"

Maybe "vsx" should change to something more generic, and Check Point could use the "vsx" tag for tagging only VSX Gateways? What do you think?


In my opinion we should use "vsx" just for Checkpoint VSX (Virtual System Extension).

Using it for any other vendor is abusing it to indicate a "hosting environment".

I don't see much added value to reusing the term "vsx" becasue in the respective ind's we need to add requirements that limit them to the relevant environment.

BTW, yesterday I found out that we are also using vsx to tag PAN Virtual Syatems (vsys) :(