Disable built-in scripts

Disable built-in scripts

Is there a way we can disable the scripts that ship with the Indeni Server? For instance if I have a script that reports similar output as the built-in ones, how do I override them to test my script instead?

In order to overwrite the IND script you can add and empty IND file under /indeni-collector/kb/parsers.

For instace, if you want to overwirte asg-version-verify.ind, you should create and empty file that have the smae name and save it under indeni-collector/kb/parsers/checkpoint/asg/ folder

I wonder what would happen if you take the existing .ind file and comment out the actual “show command.”


#show lldp neighbors detail

The script should still compile, however when it ran the metrics would be null. Would the rule then create an alarm if the metrics were null or will the rule run without creating an alarm? That should be easy to try.