Device Credential configuration ?

The old GUI lets you specify the device credential individually when you add a device. The new GUI seems you configure the device credentials separately. How does Indeni select which credential it will use when a new device is added ?

The reason I ask is I had trouble adding a new device from new GUI some times.


Great question! We actually just published an update guide on this subject:

We actually use the subnet range of devices instead of adding each individual device, which is a much faster process. For exmaple, this allows you to create one credential set for a vendor, and then add multiple subnet ranges.

Please review the guide when you have some free time and let me know if thouhgt it was helpful. We're very open to feedback on how we can improve with our documentation.



Edit is not enabled for editting.

How to edit the credential ?

kind of frustrated !!


This is where I added the crendential. Is this right ?

thanks !!

eventually got it.

thanks !!

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I’m glad you were able to get this settled, and apologies for the delay reply on this. I wanted to address this editing concern here. You can only edit the credential set name, but not the SSH/HTTPS+SUBNETS. Those will need to be removed and re-added if there’s a mistake made. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns around this.