Customized Alerts as a Service

I am thinking that it would be useful to offer as a service to the Indeni customers the option to ask customized alerts tailored to their network needs. I don’t refer to general alerts but for customized alerts applied to the special needs and pain points of a customer. This service could be additional to the technical support.

I was inspired by a recent problem of a customer with hundreds of remote sites. The sites were connected full mesh via tunnel and have multiple backup links. ICMP was not allowed, the physical and tunnel interfaces remained up although the link were down or out of sync (xDSL). So, it was very time consuming and complicated to realize when a link was actually operational. The network admins would have to login and run several CLI commands to check the link status or to correlate several alerts via SNMP providing a too complicated and untrusted workaround.

I was thinking how easy would be this for Indeni. A direct ssh access to the devices, running a couple of CLI commands and parsing the outputs could easily and fast resolve this issue.

None of the well known NMS offer such a powerful service.

Hi Vasilis,

Bingo. You're absolutely correct. We are offering professional services to customers to do exactly this kind of customization. Our vision is to provide users this open development platform so they can develop their own automation specific to their environment. So instead of writing a document, you just write these scripts!

Hi Vasilis,

Who is this customer? Do they want to use Indeni? We can work with one of the community members (hint hint) to make what you're describing a reality!

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A simply fantastic suggestion sir!