Communication issues with certain VS and log servers-checkpoint-gaia

Communication issues with certain VS and log servers-checkpoint-gaia

Communication issues with certain VS and log servers-checkpoint-gaia

Vendor: checkpoint

OS: gaia

indeni will alert if any of the log servers in an VS on VSX is set to send logs to is not communicating.

Remediation Steps:
Run “cpstat fw -f log_connection” on each VS for more information. Review the possible cause for this.

How does this work?
By checking which connection the device currently has on port 257, and comparing that with the log servers configured it is possible to see if the device has a connection to the log server or not.

Why is this important?
It is useful for logs to be sent from devices to a central log storage. If the device has lost communication with the log server, it could begin logging locally instead. Some logs may be lost and the device’s own storage may fill up.

Without Indeni how would you find this?
An administrator could login to each VS and manually run the command.


Failed to fetch the data:


// Deprecation warning : Scala template-based rules are deprecated. Please use YAML format rules instead.

package com.indeni.server.rules.library.templatebased.crossvendor

import com.indeni.ruleengine.expressions.conditions.EndsWithRepetition
import com.indeni.server.rules.RuleContext
import com.indeni.apidata.time.TimeSpan
import com.indeni.server.rules.library.templates.StateDownTemplateRule
import com.indeni.server.rules.RemediationStepCondition

  * Created by Vinayaka BG on Mar 7 2019
case class cross_vendor_log_servers_not_communicating_vsx() extends StateDownTemplateRule(
  ruleName = "cross_vendor_log_servers_not_communicating_vsx",
  historyLength = 2,
  ruleFriendlyName = "All VSX devices: Communication issues with certain VS and log servers",
  ruleDescription = "Indeni will alert if a virtual system is not communicating with its log server.",
  metricName = "log-server-communicating-vsx",
  applicableMetricTag = "",
  descriptionMetricTag = "",
  alertIfDown = true,
  alertItemsHeader = "Log servers or communication to logserver is affected on these virtual systems",
  alertDescription = "One or more logging servers are not communicating.\n\nThis alert was added per the request of <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">Roop Sukhavasi</a> (NYSE).",
  baseRemediationText = "Review the possible cause for this.")(
  RemediationStepCondition.VENDOR_CP -> "Read"