comment line displays in the command-runner, why ?

comment line displays in the command-runner, why ?

[INFO] [12/17/2017 11:11:36.193] [] [akka://Command-Runner/user/CommandActor-Device:] Executor on receive execute command junos-ping-indeni-com with operation Some(OperationRequest(SshOperation('show chassis hardware node local | match node

show chassis cluster status redundancy-group 0 | match node

ping count 1



#Cluster ID: 1

#Node Priority Status Preempt Manual Monitor-failures

#node0 255 primary no yes None

#node1 1 secondary no yes None'),junos-ping-indeni-com,Map(),Map()))

I have ind script in awk with comment lines in it, when I ran the command-runner against this script, I saw the comment lines diplaying in the screen, is that OK or something wrong ?

This would seem like a bug in the command-runner, as I wouldnt think that comments should be send as commands to the device. This could cause unexpected behaviour.

As mentioned, that is indeed not intended and therefore is a bug.

However, it is discouraged to use comments in the "REMOTE" section; that is what the "COMMENTS" section is for.