comment line displays in the command-runner, why ?

comment line displays in the command-runner, why ?

[INFO] [12/17/2017 11:11:36.193] [] [akka://Command-Runner/user/CommandActor-Device:] Executor on receive execute command junos-ping-indeni-com with operation Some(OperationRequest(SshOperation('show chassis hardware node local | match node

show chassis cluster status redundancy-group 0 | match node

ping count 1



#Cluster ID: 1

#Node Priority Status Preempt Manual Monitor-failures

#node0 255 primary no yes None

#node1 1 secondary no yes None'),junos-ping-indeni-com,Map(),Map()))

I have ind script in awk with comment lines in it, when I ran the command-runner against this script, I saw the comment lines diplaying in the screen, is that OK or something wrong ?

Hi, Gongya,

Please open these questions under "IKL Development" to get exposure to all of the IKEs.

You need to move the comments so that this doesn't happen. just ran into this as well with one of his interrogation scripts. Do you have any tips for Gongya?

And yes, IKL discussions need to be under IKL Development please so that it gets well tended too. :)

I have noticed the same thing. I am not sure why it displays comment lines, but it does not seem to cause any issues.