CommandRunner: dump device output in verbose mode

CommandRunner: dump device output in verbose mode

I don't see an option for CommandRunner to dump the device output when it executes a command on the remote device.

If true, I would like to ask for this capability to be added. This will help the troubleshooting when suspecting the IND script encounter different device output than executing the command manually.

Yeah that would be very useful. For now you could put in a match for each line, and do writeDebug($0) in that expression. But a built in function is better.

I have just wrote a utility script which can parse the commanRunner verbose output over ssh and assemble the device CLI output. This should assist the troubleshooting when suspecting what's coming from the remote device.

Find more detail in this PR:

I have tested it with the F5 and Fortinet commandRunner verbose output and works. Hopefully it is generic.

Usage: [ -h ] [ -o output-file ] <command-runner-log>

Have fun and let me know if you see an issue with it.


Currently you can record device output using the collector, I created a task for our team to add this capability as a switch in the command runner. I will update once released