Cisco Nexus Tricky Question To Answer ;)

Cisco Nexus Tricky Question To Answer ;)

I swap the order of the main topic from the “Ask the Expert” to “The Expert…asks” and I am posting a tricky question for Cisco Nexus switches…I will give a big LIKE to the Indeni community member who will answer first this question :slight_smile:

Recently I completed the installation/configuration of a pair of Cisco Nexus 5548UP switches. At the back of the nexus switches there are two ports highlighted with the lables L1/L2 (check the photo below)


What do you think is the role of the L1/L2 ports found to the back of the Nexus 5k series switches?
@Charles_Kim any idea? :slight_smile:

Anything Google would provide as an adequate answer is that it is used for fabric interconnect. However, fabric interconnect is only offered on UCS environment. My closest assumption is that the 5K shares the same chassis as some UCS hardware? :sweat_smile:

The N5k switches share the same “chassis” as the Fabric Interconnect switches - at least for the L1/L2 ports.

The L1,L2 ports are used to the Fabric Interconnects as high availability roles but there isnt any role for the N5k.

Good job Charles!