Checkpoint PRO vs Indeni?

Checkpoint PRO vs Indeni?


Our Checkpoint reseller told us we should look at the new PRO service. Isn’t this what Indeni does? What’s the difference?


The Check Point PRO service is provided by Check Point’s technical support department. It relies on a tool called “cpdiag” collecting data once a day and uploading it to Check Point’s technical support servers. With an intelligent rule engine, the Check Point technical support team automatically analyzes the data uploaded and will proactively reach out to a customer should an issue be identified. This are mostly performance, licensing, software and configuration issues.

Indeni covers most of the issues PRO is capable of identifying, with the following additional benefits:

  1. 24/7 monitoring of devices - get an alert about an issue immediately, instead of once a day.

  2. Data collection and graphing over time - collect CPU, memory, kernel and other critical metrics around the clock and view trends.

  3. Cross-vendor support - Indeni supports many other vendors, not just Check Point.

  4. Integration with your operations systems - with Indeni, you can generate tickets in your favorite ticketing system and integrate with the organizational processes you have in place today.

I remembered we used this for some touch issues. Checkpoint gave us a very nice report.