Check Point trial license detection

When a check point device first establishes SIC it will start a 15 day trial license. As long as the trial is active it will show when running "cplic print".

However when the trial is over, it will show nothing when running "cplic print".

We are looking for a way to still detect at which date the trial license expired, even after it no longer shows with "cplic print".

Somewhere this information should still be available.

Please excuse any ignorance. I am brainstorming.

Would it be possible to compare the db like Yoni did before, and after expiration? Perhaps you can tune the time manually so you don't have to wait 15 days. :)

Is there a file somewhere which contains the license? I'm thinking checking content, time stamps (created, last modified).


cplic print -x


Apologies this took so long. We've spent some time digging for an answer and got the following from our friends at Check Point:

It used to be cplic print would tell you how many days you had left—no longer.

A couple things I believe you can use as proxies for this are the creation dates of:

  • $CPDIR/conf/sic_local_cert.p12
  • $CPDIR/conf/cp.license