Check Point Hotfix Info

Check Point Hotfix Info

Hi All,

I am just checkig the new version. I am looking device info section and "Installed Hotfixes" section is blank for the device. When I check the device I found that a jumbo installed.

Is this known issue?

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[Expert@FW:0]# installed_jumbo_take
R77.30 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator take_225 is installed, see sk106162.


Hello Kasim!

The "Actual configuration" view of "Installed Hotfixes" takes information from "cpinfo -y all" command. It does not show the jumbo hotfixes as you need to run the command "installed_jumbo_take" as you said (or depending on the take some other more complicated commands).

But you are totally right that jumbo should show here as well. I will make a ticket to include the jumbo take, which is recorded from another script as well here under the "Installed Hotfixes" header.

Today we only use the jumbo hotfix take as a basis to alert if two nodes in the same cluster does not have the same.

Thanks for your feedback!

Take 225 is Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator level on R77.30, The latest Hotfix Accumulator is released few days ago and it is Take 286. Sk106162 just shows you checkpoint support page that describes all the fixes to R77.30 since the beginning.