Bugreport - Indeni virtual mashine

Bugreport - Indeni virtual mashine

Hi all,

Another bugreport is related to the software, documented and described in this document:


Regards and best wishes from Minsk, Belarus,


Hi, Sergei,

Thanks for reporting these issues, I will open respective ticket for Engneering to test and resolve them:

1. Unable to use the same name for SNMP and Syslog integration (IP address is the same too and it works).

2. TLS 1.0 should be disabled (report from PRTG suite).

Regarding the error reporting from the GUI, we are currenlty using this process in order to recieve the errors and not as a tool to track their resolution. In any case, if you change the e-mail of the admin user in your indeni instance to your e-mail than the issues should appear under your account when you access Zendesk.