AWK Parser v2 - Command-runner update?

AWK Parser v2 - Command-runner update?

Dear experts!

Where do I get hold of the new version so I can test? Failed to find any link on the AWK Parser V2 Wiki page.


We will release an official version in a few days

It is an attachment (paper clip at the top of the page) to Yoni's "Using the CommandRunner" page.

-Nevermind; I did not read Hawkeye's post close enough. The version I downloaded was

On a slightly different subject but still related to the AWK v2 Parser, what is the awk package used by the v2 parser and where can I download it from? I test my scripts with awk before running them though command-runner and I want to make sure I am using the same version. I thought I had seen this info, but I cannot find it now.