_attribute not working anymore?


I'm trying to change uptime to use milliseconds instead of seconds but hit a road block.

Adding a screen shot of the code since the code element on the community is broken:

Image title

Is _attribute not supported anymore? All the examples and links in the wiki indicates that this is the correct syntax, maybe it has changed, or maybe I am missing something?

One more thing, the original script did not even work for neither uptime-seconds, nor current-datetime and the test output only contained timezone. And the test was successful too...

Wonder if there could be more scripts that has failed silently after the upgrade?

The script that I am referring to is this one:



Got any clever ideas as usual? :)

The problem here lies with XML prefix. Note that the attributes in the input file are named "junos:seconds", not "seconds"; therefore, the name of the attribute ("_name") should be "junos:seconds".