Apply Server Certificates

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There are times when you will need to install or update certificates on your server. Please see the general instructions below to complete this task. Please write [email protected] at anytime should you require assistance. You can also ask us in the community!


REQUIREMENTS: Access to the Indeni server with a username and password. You do not need a user with root access.

PLEASE NOTE: Indeni support cannot reset your ubuntu username and password. Please see these instructions for assistance.


  1. Log into the Indeni server and via the CLI type the following:
# leave the default /usr/share/indeni-services/indeniserver.p12 in it’s place
# we can use the new certificate as-is
cp ~/ssl_wild_pkcs12.pfx cd /usr/share/indeni-services
cd /usr/share/indeni-services/vigile
cp config.js
vi config.js
# update the following two lines
keystore: process.env.INDENI_KEYSTORE || “/usr/share/indeni-services/indeniserver.p12”,
passphrase: process.env.KEYSTORE_PASSPHRASE || “l530s8qLHy”,
# to
keystore: process.env.INDENI_KEYSTORE || “/usr/share/indeni-services/ssl_wild_pkcs12.pfx”,
passphrase: process.env.KEYSTORE_PASSPHRASE || ““,
# save the file - type :w
# quit vi - type :q
# restart the services
sudo service indeni-vigile restart
# refresh the browser used to access Indeni’s GUI and check for <CUSTOMER NAME> certificate

How to Generate a CSR Certificate

  1. Log into the Indeni server and via the CLI type the following:
openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout yourdomain.key -out yourdomain.csr

Then enter the required information. More detail around this process can be found here.