Any way to "clear" the metrics db?

Any way to "clear" the metrics db?

I periodically get in a situation where I think I have "bad" metrics in the metrics db. E.g., I decide to stop using a tag that I was using, or I just want to see how a change to my metrics will affect something. Sometimes, I just want to clear the existing metrics and start fresh.

Any way to do this?

Hi Hawkeye
We currently don't have an API for clearing metrics, but you can delete metrics manualy, depending on the metric type. Some of our metrics are written to in-memory DB, in this case you can just restart the server and the metrics will be deleted. Other metrics are written to filesystem DB, you can find and delte them from here:
We might consider adding an API for deleteing metrics if that's a common use case.


There is no manual process to clear bad metrics in the DB. The best way for now is to restart the services, via imanage. Let me know if this helps.