Announcing Cisco Nexus Release

Indeni users can now access the power of predictive analytics and remediations steps to safeguard Cisco Nexus devices.

Whether you are an expert or newly introduced to Cisco Nexus devices, Indeni’s extensive crowdsourced alerts with actionable remediation steps will simplify your life.

With access to such expansive domain knowledge, the shock of a new fire will no longer end with hours of scripting, troubleshooting and running an RCA. Instead, not only will Indeni preemptively pinpoint issues, but also give you actionable remediation steps.

For example:

You get a phone call saying your application is down. Not something you need to deal with right now with that new server center you’re setting up. *Sigh*

You turn to Indeni which highlights that the cluster hosting the application was the cause of the failure. What an easy diagnosis! Next, Indeni provides the fantastic remediation steps and voila! Problem solved. Back to bigger and better projects.

Interested in seeing the actionable remediation steps for this exact scenario? Check them out here.

To learn more about Indeni’s Cisco Nexus coverage, download the Solution Brief.

Very solid alerting for Nexus! Well done team!

This is exciting! Not to mention the best practices that we're providing around Nexus whether it is providing a notification on ensuring that none of the logging groups are set to debug level or a reminder to configure at least one syslog server

Great stuff!

Indeni has launched the Cisco Nexus product!

The development for monitoring more Cisco Nexus Data Center technologies, misconfigurations, hardware/software limitations, bugs, alignment with best practices will never stop!

Nobody needs to fear of Cisco Nexus and service outages anymore! :)

very good!

Very well done. I like it.

I was attacked by alerts when I added our first Nexus. At least they are the networtk team's problem! :)

Some just things people forgot were enabled when decommissioned but some recommended changes too!

Thanks indeni!

Amazing work everyone!


Sweet! Well done guys!

My favouriteis the remediations steps - actionable!!!

The remediation steps are looking great!

Yes. A great addition.

Can't wait to see it in action.

So glad to have this

This is excellent! Is there an easy way to see what feature and functionality is supported? Example, does it check for VPC consistency, will it alert on orphan-ports and orphan ports that aren't configured with the "supsend" command?


Good news

This is like an additional pair of eyes.