Announcing Automation for Check Point Scalable Platform Appliances: 41000 and 61000

Originally published at: Announcing Automation for Check Point Scalable Platform Appliances: 41000 and 61000 | Indeni

When we work with a company who has Check Point 41000 and 61000 Security Systems chassis as part of their security infrastructure, we know we are dealing with mission critical operations. Cluster member management and maintenance are essential in a demandingly high throughput and connection capacity environment. Any ‘blip’ in communication can mean a loss in productivity. Here at Indeni, we want to streamline those redundant management, compliance and maintenance tasks of these devices so you can better focus on traffic payload and keep your environment operations smooth. Indeni’s automation platform now offers solutions specifically for Check Point 41000/61000 chassis security systems.

How do we do it? Indeni captures critical details of these Scalable Platform appliances, in addition to other Check Point solutions, by leveraging the chassis based ‘asg’ commands such as:

asg-stat-v, show config-state, asg hw_monitor, asg_drop_monitor, asg_cores_util, and asg_ntp_sync_config.

For example, the output provided from asg_route gives Indeni the capability to provide outward visibility into failing next hops or a route mismatch among cluster members or even between its own kernel table and WebUI. Automating the analysis of the output generated by asg_conns can provide essential information on connection table limits, per device and per virtual system.

With GAiA operating system and appliance specific details being continuously collected at intervals, Indeni will issue event notifications to you or even your ticketing system when something needs to be brought to light. Knowledge based rules determine criticality and offer a course of action to be taken. With Indeni you can automate related Check Point tasks such as ongoing maintenance, best practices, high availability validation steps and much more.

Are you looking for ways to extend and protect the value of your Check Point 41000 and 61000 Security Systems? Download Indeni today and join our community Indeni Crowd to engage with other certified Check Point experts.