Alert Detail

Alert Detail

It would be nice in indeni 6.0 to have more details on the alerts. For example we have the following alert in our environment:


It would be helpful to see what routes are missing so we can troubleshoot further.

Agreed and thank you for speaking up. The intent is to share the actual routes that are mismatch. We collect the information, however the scala script on the backend which helps tell the Indeni GUI what to display will need to be modified to include this information. We have this as an internal ticket to get resolved.

For your own edification and if you are curious about the code:

We collect the metrics in a script called: routes-missing-novsx.ind

The Indeni notification gets triggered and content populated based on the logic in a scala script called: chkp_firewall_routes_missing.scala

We look at the metric "routes-missing-kernel". We compare the routes configured in gaia config with the actual routes taken from netstat -rn.