Accessing tags from the awk parser

Accessing tags from the awk parser

Feature request (and a question)! :)

We can do it from json and xml but it says nothing about the awk parser. Does it exist? If it does, what's the command? If not, it would be really neat to have.

Use case:

Doing a script for checkpoint where I need to see if management is installed or not. The way to detect management is quite demanding in terms of resources and the collector script where I need this for is running every minute.

This isn't available for the XML / JSON parsers as well.

I believe that what you're refering to is the ability available in the _transform section to access tags that were parsed in the same context of execution; i.e, the tags that were parsed exactly one phase before the transformation code.

That is obviously isn't necessary for the AWK parser since it provides access to the global context of execution, meaning that you could always access the variable in which you stored the tags.