[2023 Update] c_tfg61_2211 SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement

Introduction to c_tfg61_2211 Certification

The c_tfg61_2211 certification, also known as SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement, is a specialized certification program offered by SAP. It is designed to validate the knowledge and skills of individuals in the area of services procurement using the SAP Fieldglass platform. This certification demonstrates proficiency in implementing and managing services procurement processes, ensuring effective vendor management, and optimizing service delivery.

Understanding SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement

SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement is a cloud-based solution that enables organizations to efficiently manage and procure external services. It provides a centralized platform for managing service providers, contracts, work orders, and invoices. The solution streamlines the services procurement lifecycle, ensuring compliance, cost control, and efficient vendor management.

Key Concepts and Objectives

The c_tfg61_2211 certification focuses on several key concepts and objectives related to SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement. Some of the main areas covered by the certification include:

1. Procurement Processes and Workflows

This area covers the understanding of end-to-end services procurement processes and workflows, including requisition creation, approval workflows, service provider selection, contract management, and invoicing. Knowledge of best practices in procurement operations and compliance is also essential.

2. Vendor Management and Performance

Effective vendor management is crucial in services procurement. The certification assesses the ability to manage and evaluate service providers, establish service level agreements (SLAs), monitor vendor performance, and ensure compliance with contractual obligations.

3. Integration and Configuration

The c_tfg61_2211 certification program evaluates the knowledge of integrating SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement with other SAP solutions or external systems. Understanding system configuration, master data setup, and customizing the solution to meet specific business requirements are key aspects of this certification.

4. Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics play a vital role in services procurement. The certification assesses the ability to generate meaningful reports and leverage analytical tools within SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement to gain insights into spend management, vendor performance, and process efficiency.

Benefits of c_tfg61_2211 Certification

Obtaining the c_tfg61_2211 certification offers several benefits for individuals and organizations involved in services procurement. Some of these benefits include:

1. Enhanced Professional Competence

The certification validates an individual’s expertise and knowledge in SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement, providing a competitive edge in the job market. It demonstrates a deep understanding of services procurement processes and best practices.

2. Improved Service Procurement Efficiency

With the certification, professionals can effectively implement and optimize services procurement processes using SAP Fieldglass. This leads to increased efficiency, streamlined workflows, and improved cost control in managing external services.

3. Better Vendor Management

The certification equips individuals with the skills to manage service providers effectively. It enables professionals to establish and monitor performance metrics, ensuring the selection of the right vendors and maintaining strong partnerships.

4. Alignment with Industry Standards

By aligning with SAP’s industry-leading solutions and best practices, the certification ensures that individuals and organizations are well-equipped to meet industry standards and compliance requirements in services procurement.
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The SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement certification is a valuable credential that showcases an individual’s proficiency in services procurement processes and the utilization of the SAP Fieldglass platform. It empowers professionals to effectively manage services procurement, optimize vendor management, and drive efficiency in external service delivery. The certification not only enhances career prospects but also enables organizations to benefit from streamlined processes, cost control, and improved…


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