Syslog Servers In Use-paloaltonetworks-panos (2)

Syslog Servers In Use-paloaltonetworks-panos Vendor: paloaltonetworks OS: panos Description: Indeni will verify that certain syslog servers are configured on a monitored device. Remediation Steps: Modify the device…

FortiAnalyzer not connected-fortinet-FortiOS (2)

FortiAnalyzer not connected-fortinet-FortiOS Vendor: fortinet OS: FortiOS Description: A Fortinet firewall needs to keep a connection with a FortiAnalyzer, otherwise certain services, such as logging, might be impact…

Weak cipher used with SSL profiles-f5-False (2)

Weak cipher used with SSL profiles-f5-False Vendor: f5 OS: False Description: Certain ciphers are now considered weak. indeni will alert if any SSL profiles are set to use them. Remediation Steps: Follow the knowle…

Default node monitor is not configured-f5-False (1)
Default Action On Service Down used-f5-False (1)
Compression profile gzip level too high-f5-False (1)
Audit logging is disabled-f5-False (1)
DNS servers configured do not match requirement-fortinet-FortiOS (1)
Automap enabled-f5-False (1)
Unencrypted cookie persistence profiles found-f5-False (1)
No NTP servers configured-paloaltonetworks-panos (1)
Pool member / server response time high-f5-False (1)
Fallback host used in HTTP profile-f5-False (1)
Virtual server using a TCP profile with a high idle timeout-f5-False (1)
SNAT pool near maximum allocated-f5-False (1)
Aggressive Aging enabled-checkpoint-False (1)
Hotfixes installed do not match requirement-checkpoint-gaia,secureplatform,ipso (1)
Syslog Servers In Use-juniper-junos (1)
Pool member(s) unavailable-radware-alteon-os (1)
Syslog Servers In Use-f5-False (1)
In CoreXL a single core shouldn't handle both interface interrupts and fw worker-checkpoint-gaia,secureplatform (1)
Configuration Mismatch (Check Point Gaia)-checkpoint-gaia,ipso (1)
Debug mode enabled-paloaltonetworks-panos (1)
NTP servers configured do not match requirement-juniper-junos (1)
No NTP servers configured-juniper-junos (1)
Users defined do not match requirement-checkpoint-secureplatform (1)
NTP servers configured do not match requirement-checkpoint-secureplatform (1)
No NTP servers configured-checkpoint-secureplatform (1)
RADIUS server uid is not 0-checkpoint-secureplatform (1)
Users defined do not match requirement-checkpoint-gaia-embedded (1)