Software end of support nearing-juniper-junos

Software end of support nearing-juniper-junos

Software end of support nearing-juniper-junos

Vendor: juniper

OS: junos

indeni will trigger an issue a significant time before the software running on a device reaches end of support.

Remediation Steps:
Upgrade the software to a more recent release.
|||1. Run “show version” command to review the current software version.
|2. Ensure the current software version is supported by Juniper.
|3. Review Juniper support site for full information regarding software end of life: <a target="_blank" href=“”>End of Life Products & Milestones
|4. Contact Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) if further assistance is required.

How does this work?
This script logs into the Juniper JUNOS-based device using SSH to retrieve the current software version and based on the software version and the Juniper provided information at: the correct end of support date is used.

Why is this important?
Ensuring the software being used is always within the vendor’s list of supported versions is critical. Otherwise, during a critical issue, the vendor may decline to provide technical support. Juniper posts the list of supported software on their website:

Without Indeni how would you find this?
Manual tracking by an administrator is usually the only method for knowing when a given device may be nearing its software end of support and is in need of upgrading.


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Software End of support nearing juniper Junos. For instant support related to the Software please contact Divine Soft Technology for the best solution