Describe Indeni in your own words

Describe Indeni in your own words


Indeni , a beautifully designed , crowd sourced forum is beneficial for those who have some question , which is not answered ,put it on forum and get answer, great forum.


Something I’m waiting for last years


Indeni forum is good, here I can connect with experts and got answers , and make friends.


Indeni is one the platforms where I can find my all solution


Easy and good platform.


I think it is very helpful


One of best automation tool I’ve used, also its discussion forum are interesting.


Interesting platform for automation


It is user friendly and easy to use


Friendly interface and convenience


A network automation software / plateform


Platform that make easy the boring and repetitive tasks! :joy:


In your own words, how would you describe the Indeni Platform?


is correct, I agree in everything that decides