Can I delete files in the Data folder so they can be recreated to sort this out?



I am hoping for some assistance . I kept getting windows messages saying that the C drive was full, even though I knew there was approx 45GB of unused space.

I shut down but the messages kept occurring. I rebooted but I was still being informed that the C drive was full.

I started Newsbin and a message came up saying "Load the Download list", this stayed for a few minutes before disappearing and headers downloaded. Also the C drive full messages stopped and displayed the correct size in Windows explorer. I think Newsbin triggered these full drive warnings.

Now everytime I start Newsbin I get the same "Load the Download list", even though there is nothing to download.

Can I delete files in the Data folder so they can be recreated to sort this out? If so which ones? I followed many explainer videos to get a solution out of it but,did not any. I don't know how this happend. Please help me out.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.



What application are you running that is giving you these errors?


Thanks for asking Shouky. But I have solved My Problem.


To recreated to sort out the file problem after deleting the files in the data problem you have to first make a backup folder where you can store the data for the further use and then you sort this put to get the files recreation after the deletion of the folder. Printer repair Dubai has also done this to take a backup and also to recreate the files on the same folder.


@Shouky_Dan just bubbling this up!


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